Energy monitoring kit - CMAK 450-ML

Energy Monitoring Kit, CMAK 450-ML
The CMAK 450-ML Energy Monitoring Kit includes all the basic measurement and maintenance technologies necessary to measure energy efficiency of compressed air systems, supplied in one convenient carrying case.

The kit includes:
  • SKF Machine Condition Advisor with charger and belt holster (CMAS 100-SL)
  • External sensor kit for SKF Machine Condition Advisor (CMAC 105)
  • Infrared thermometer (CMSS 3000-SL)
  • Inspector 400 ultrasonic probe with lightweight headset, focusing probe, stethoscope module and extensions (CMIN 400-K)
  • Hioki clamp-on power meter (CPT 3169-20), with voltage cord set, input cord label and power cord
  • Hioki power meter clamps (CPT 9661), two clamps, 500 A AC
  • Carrying case, anodized aluminium, rugged - for industrial and multipurpose use, 660 x 330 x 178 mm (26 x 13 x 7 in.) 

View the Condition Monitoring Essentials Catalogue for more information about the Energy Monitoring Kit.
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