Accessories for inspection systems

Inspection system accessories
SKF offers a variety of accessories that will complement the SKF Microlog Inspector application and SKF MARLIN data managers (previous generation of inspection systems).

Refer to the SKF Microlog Inspector Accessories Catalogue for a description of the various accessories that are available:
  • Major accessories
  • Cables
  • Batteries and power accessories
  • Miscellaneous accessories
The "major accessories" include products that will help you get the most out of your inspection system, including:
  • Wireless machine condition detector (WMCD) (fig 1)
  • Machine condition detector (MCD) Pro IS (fig 2)
  • SKF MARLIN QuickConnect (MQC) studs (fig 3)
  • Infrared thermometer (fig 4)
  • Handheld RFID reader (fig 5)
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