Non-contact sensors

SKF Laser Vibrometer

Measuring equipment employed in production environments requires a compact and robust design suitable for the challenges met in harsh industrial areas. The SKF Laser Vibrometer
(MSL-7000 series) combines a robust, integrated, single-box design with the clear advantages of non-contact, laser-based vibration measurement.

With a special focus on reliable measurement results, the SKF Laser Vibrometer produces optimal results on every measurement surface, regardless of environmental conditions. These outstanding properties make it the first choice for process-integrated acoustic quality inspection.

The SKF Laser Vibrometer is non-contact, wear-free and does not require
servo-mechanisms or noise protection for performing measurements.

Condition monitoring

The SKF Laser Vibrometer completes SKF's assortment of vibration sensors with a high-end contactless velocity proportional sensor, which can be used in combination with condition monitoring products such as the SKF Microlog for advanced measurements and monitoring.

The sensor enables service engineers additional capabilities for field monitoring, such as:
  • Measurements in areas difficult to reach
  • Measurements on hot or rotating parts
  • And even measurements through glass is possible

Quality control

The SKF Laser Vibrometer measures structure-borne noise reliably and without contact. The acquired data provides valuable information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product's acoustic emission limits. Direct integration of the SKF Laser Vibrometer into a production line creates a
real-time quality control system that enables FAIL decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration. The sensor allows easy integration into the manufacturing line and supports flexible resetting of manufacturing batches.
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