Precision rail guides

The SKF precision rail guides are arranged in pairs and the cage containing the rolling elements is located in between. SKF offers a modular range with ball assemblies (fig. 1), crossed roller assemblies (fig. 2), needle roller assemblies (fig. 3) or slide coating (fig. 4). The modular range combines different guidance principles with exactly the same outer dimensions and drilling hole pattern. This unique feature allows the same external dimensions at a given size range. This results in optimized performance with a wide choice of load carrying capacity, stiffness and operating characteristics. 

Features and benefits

  • High stiffness and accuracy
  • Very high load carrying capacity
  • Modular range, means different rolling elements and different cage materials within the same outer rail dimensions
  • Compact design
  • Available with anti-cage-creep solution

Technical data

Rangefrom 8,5x4 mm to 80x50 mm
Speedup to 3,2 m/s for ACSM
Accelerationup to 9 g
Accuracy2 µm / 1.000 mm
Operating temperature-20 to +80 °C (higher temperatures possible, depending on cage material)
Rail length in one piece1.000 mm
C per 10 rolling elementsup to 64 500 N
C0 per 10 rolling elementsup to 195 000 N

Typical applications

  • Production machines for electronics and / or semiconductors
  • Factory automation
  • Machine tool
  • Measuring devices
  • Medical
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