Spray systems

Sprays lubricant with air onto large open gear drivers, gear rack and pinions, slide ways or any rolling surface moving relative to each other.

System composition

Lincoln Spray Lubrication Systems primarily consist of: 

  • A Pump capable of handling adhesive lubricants
  • Air Maintenance Unit
  • Spray Panel comprising Spray Nozzles and Progressive Distributor Devices
  • Appropriate Air Solenoid Valves (optional)
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Appropriate Tubing, Fittings, Valves and Gauges
The modular design and the wide range of Lincoln products enable optimum designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.

How does it work?

During the operation cycle, the lubricant is pumped to spray nozzles through the progressive distributor device which dispenses a metered quantity of lubricant during each cycle. The air solenoid valve is also opened during the operation cycle and it allows the air to reach the spray nozzles, which in turn spray out the compressed air and metered quantity of lubricant simultaneously on to the surface to be lubricated. The system is capable of monitoring the complete operation for any malfunction due to air pressure drop and leakage or blockage in the lubricant lines, and gives indication in case any such fault occurs.

Salient features

  • Capable of handling high performance adhesive lubricants.
  • Wide range of pneumatic / electrical pumps, and monitored and controlled spray nozzles of different spray specifications available. 
  • Capable of monitoring the complete system operation, giving fault indication which can be integrated with the main equipment PLC / Control Panel. 
  • Modular design enables economical and optimum system design. 
  • Optimized air and lubricant consumption. 
  • Virtually maintenance free.

Typical applications

Steel and metallurgical industries
Raw material grinding plants, sintering plants
Cement industry
Heavily loaded open spur gear drives of cement mills and kilns
Power industry
Coal grinding plants
Chemicals and fertilizer industry
Crushers, calciners, ball mills

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