Disc Brake Pads

SKF's disk brake pad are eco friendly and made to operate at wide temperature range and capable of handling heavy loads at high speed condition.

Product details -

  • 1 set of Brake pads in each Kit


  • 38 references cover all major passenger cars


  • All Maruti Suzuki,
  • All Tata Motors ,
  • All Hyundai Models
  • Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford - all major models

USPs of Product

  • Sustains & Operates at wide temp Range (500 C to 6000 C)
  • Capable of handling heavy load at high speed
  • Softer so Low noise levels
  • Non Asbestos - Eco friendly
  • Low Binder content which means uniform friction & Lowglazing

Why SKF ?

Wide range of Products

Improved design for Smooth Braking & Longer Life of Rotors

Low Specific gravity leads to free movement of Piston in caliper assembly


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