Machine lubrication and oil analysis


Course Objective

With hundreds of lubricant types, base stocks, additive packages and viscosity grades to choose from, how a person can decide which lubricant is right for a machine. After attending these courses, you will be empowered with the knowledge to understand the important lubricant properties and how to strategically select the correct lubricant for each machine application.


Course Content


·        Maintenance Strategy

·        Lubrication Theory

·        Lubricant Formulation

·        Grease Application and Performance  

·        Lubricant Selection

·        Lubricant Application

·        Lubricant Condition Control

·        Lube Storage and Management

·        Oil Analysis


Recommended For

Application Engineer, Condition Monitoring Engineer, Engineering Manager/ Supervisor/ Mechanical Maintenance Engineer/Manager/Supervisor/ , Reliability Engineer/Manager/ Supervisor.



Basic machine maintenance skills and experience.

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