Precision Shaft Alignment – WE240


Course Objective:

       Learn the reasons and definitions of alignment and misalignment

       Discuss types of misalignment, including angular, offset, horizontal, and vertical

       Understand the steps and procedures required to inspect and prepare a machine prior to alignment, including alignment tools and methods

       Learn the list of proactive steps taken to ensure a successful alignment process

       Practice Discuss mechanical, dial, and laser alignment methods

       Understand the mechanical and laser techniques


Course Content:


  • Introduction to Shaft Alignment
  • Alignment Definitions
  • Pre-Alignment Checks
  • Soft Foot
  • Rough Alignment
  • Alignment Moves for Precision and Problem Solving
  • Alignment Methods
  • Hands on Laser Alignment


Recommended For:

Service, maintenance, machine repair or plant / facility engineering staff of an industrial or OEM facility.



Basic machine maintenance skills and experience. General computer and calculating skills are helpful. 



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