Spare Parts Management and Inventory Control –  WC230


Course Objective:

To provide participants with a sound knowledge and understanding of spares and inventory management in the maintenance repair and operations (MRO) environment Included are those activities in an organization that ensure the optimal and timely availability of spare parts in order to meet maintenance timely demands.


Course Content:


  • Spare parts and inventory management processes and principles
  • Basic spare part and inventory management terminology
  • The importance and relations of spare part and inventory management with respect to business goals
  • Identifying, structure, and classifying spare parts on their criticality, order and re-order parameters, along with other spare parts characteristics
  • Applying basic analysis techniques to optimize the availability of spares and cost-effectively handle obsolete spares


Recommended for:

Engineers, supervisors and managers involved with industrial maintenance inventory control, planning, scheduling purchasing, reliability and maintenance engineering, logistic support, quality, production and warehouse management.



Basic Knowledge of planning & handling Spares.

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