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SKF Electronic Parking Brake

SKF Electronic Parking brake

The SKF Electronic Parking Brake is a cable puller actuator: a compact and smart solution developed to provide a robust parking brake function on the vehicle.

Specifically designed for harsh environments and operating over the vehicle CAN bus.

This actuator offers an add-on solution which integrates Electronic Control Unit  (ECU) and embedded software.

It is connected to the vehicle braking system by a flexible cable (Bowden cable).

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable and add-on solution: can equip the full wheelbase vehicle range.
  • Able to implement “smart functions” increasing end user comfort.
  • Equipped with integrated ECU (Electronic Control Unit).
  • Standard version with basic functions available.
EPB technical data

  • Nominal force range: 2000 N to 4000 N
  • Max available stroke: 65 mm
  • Max speed: 18 mm/s
  • Nominal Supply Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Protection Level: IP 67

Technical datasheet

Typical Applications

  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Light Commercial vehicles
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