SKF Wireless MicroVibe

Safe solution to portable data collection and analysis

SKF Wireless MicroVibe
The SKF Wireless MicroVibe, in conjunction with an Android™ tablet or smartphone*, provides the functionality needed for portable vibration monitoring. This versatile, easy-to-use wireless tool identifies problems and assesses a machine's condition safely, quickly and easily.

The SKF Wireless MicroVibe collects and displays overall vibration readings and automatically provides expert judgment of the measured velocity and overall enveloped acceleration levels, enabling immediate, accurate and reliable assessment of machine or bearing condition.

* SKF does not supply the Android™ device (tablet or smartphone).


  • Cost-effective, compact and lightweight
  • Quickly identify problems
  • Expert judgment criteria based on ISO vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation
  • FFT spectrum analysis
  • Multi-point automation for faster data collection
  • Standard vibration measurements (enveloped acceleration, acceleration, velocity and displacement), collected simultaneously
  • Store and recall measurements for trending and analysis
  • Data management software enables user to transfer machinery vibration data to a computer for trending and further analysis
  • Reliable wireless data collection (WiFi) from a safe distance

Power without complexity

SKF Wireless MicroVibe and application
As a handy "quick-check" solution, based on the Android™ platform, the SKF Wireless MicroVibe is simple to use. Built-in automatic functions virtually eliminate setup, while analytical displays and automatic judgment of machine vibration readings help users identify machine problems on the spot.

The SKF Wireless MicroVibe offers added functionality, including a software program to extract, save, edit and display collected data. It is ideal for small route data collection. Data may be uploaded to your desktop computer for further analysis and trending using the data management software. Once uploaded, vibration data, overall trends and spectra can be stored, trended, graphically displayed and even exported to a spreadsheet.

Device compatibility

For the latest list of devices (tablets) that are verified to work with the SKF Wireless MicroVibe, download the Device compatibility chart from the "Related documents" section in the right column of this screen.

Introduction to the SKF Wireless MicroVibe

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