Precision rolled ball screws

High precision rolled ball screws

Precision rolled ball screws
SKF ball screw assemblies provide high performance solutions suitable for a wide range of applications where precision driving, durability and value are prerequisites.
High technology machinery associated with precise control of the cold forming and metallurgical processes enable the production of screws that offer virtually the same accuracy and performance of ground ball screws, but at a lower cost. Standard lead precision is G9, according to ISO 286-2:1988. SKF production meets G7 lead precision for screw shaft nominal diameter starting from 20 mm. On request, SKF can deliver ball screws with G5 lead precision according to ISO 3408-3:2006, defined for positioning screws, matching the lead precision of G5 ground ball screws.

Complete assemblies

For reduced delivery time, SKF operates quick service facilities in Europe and in North America, included are standard screw shafts, nuts and accessories plus most of the SKF standard range of precision rolled ball screws. Under certain conditions of quantity and shaft design, SKF can deliver stock items, with standard machined shaft ends, or shaft ends machined according to customer requirements. Please consult your SKF branch office for all options available with this service.

How to make the best selection?

In the SKF range of precision rolled ball screws, you can find the product that fits your application requirements:
  • Miniature ball screws (with nominal diameter down to 6 mm, ball recirculation through inserts or through integrated tube) are compact, highly efficient driving solutions
  • Most of the miniature ball screw range is also available in stainless steel
  • The larger rolled ball screws with nominal diameter from 16 to 63mm are available with numerous variations of nut designs, with axial play, backlash elimination or preload to meet your requirements for simple transport screws, and for precision positioning screws
  • For these larger screws, SKF has developed a full range of accessories such as optional nut flanges and support bearings for easy system integration
  • The long lead rolled ball screws provide ultimate linear speed for specific applications
  • SKF also offers complete solutions of ball screws with rotating nuts for applications with system inertia. Please consult your SKF branch office for technical information related to this product range.

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