O&M playing a major role in reducing LCOE

Fecha: 2013-06-12T13:00:00
Ubicación: Warsaw
Orador: Key note speaker: Morten B. Keller, CEO and Managing Partner, MAKE Consulting A/S
Conferencia: SKF 8th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference
Morten B. Keller


Onshore growth may have peaked, however the market continues to run at a significant installation level of ~50 GW annually, and the accumulated onshore installation amounts to 266 GW as of today. OPEX is a significant contributor to LCOE, however, so far LCOE reductions have been enabled by OEMs making technology gains and squeezing supply chain margins. The presentation examines the development of the O&M market, the evolving business models and the challenging but also required actions to bring down LCOE further.

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