Deep groove ball bearings

Fecha: September, 2015
Idioma: English

Course summary

Before taking the Deep groove ball bearings course, it is recommended that you have passed the Bearings basic course (GRB001), or have some prior knowledge about bearings.
In this course you will learn the basics about SKF Deep groove ball bearings. The course consists of the following parts:
• An introduction to the course contents and an explanation of how the course works.

• In this section you will learn about the features and benefits that set SKF Deep groove ball bearings apart from the competition.
• Product range and designations: Working with bearings on a daily basis, it is useful to recognise the most common bearing designations. In this lesson, you will learn about the SKF Deep
groove ball bearing range and the most relevant designations.
• Applications: SKF Deep groove ball bearings are successfully used in a wide range of applications. This lesson illustrates four different applications.

Estimated study time 45 minutes.
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