SKF offers a first class range of services to the railway industry to meet customer’s specific requirements. Most services are modular, and can be acquired to address a specific design or maintenance need. The SKF railway services comprise a worldwide network of production and service units as well as highly trained sales, application and service engineers. In addition, SKF has a global network of remanufacturing units for railway customers who benefit from solutions that are cost-effective and reduce environmental impact.

Service capabilities

SKF services help manufacturers and operators to achieve safety, excellent performance and life cycle cost expectations.

Some selected service capabilities are:
  • unique testing resources to validate reliability and safety requirements
  • application engineering focused on specific customer specifications to achieve optimized solutions providing maximum customer value
  • on-site service engineering, which includes mounting and a bearing or bearing unit replacement service. This service can significantly save on the cost of replacing wheelsets and helps to reduce downtime of vehicles
  • remanufacturing options
  • special training courses for customer’s senior technical or project management staff as well as for shop floor staff to gain a deeper understanding about railway solutions which can help realize greater service life and utilization of bearings

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