SKF employees celebrated by WWF for excellent achievement with the SKF Climate Savers Award

In SKF’s annual internal awards to highlight excellent achievements throughout the company within various key projects – the SKF Excellence Awards - two projects have been selected to receive the SKF Climate Savers Awards presented by WWF.

The winners of SKF Climate Saver Award accompanied by Stefan Henningsson at WWF
The winners of SKF Climate Saver Award accompanied by Stefan Henningsson at WWF
WWF Climate savers
WWF Climate savers

The SKF Climate Savers Award was established to highlight excellent achievements in reducing energy and CO2 emissions in the value chain of SKF and recognizes the employees and teams within the SKF Group who make this possible.

This year, the award was presented to two teams in SKF – one related to reducing energy and CO2 emission from SKF manufacturing in India and one is for a customer solution making up to a 40% reduction of energy possible in waste water facilities. The winners of the SKF Climate Savers Awards were celebrated at WWF Sweden’s Headquarters in Stockholm on May 12th. 

Stefan Henningsson, Senior adviser Climate innovation at WWF International, comments:
“SKF climate strategy is a very good example of the holistic approach needed for achieving substantial climate change mitigation across the whole value chain. Nowadays, science is conclusive: climate change is happening and is caused by human activity. There is no uncertainty and no need to wait for more studies before we take serious actions. The achievements made by these individuals and teams at SKF show that climate improvement is not only about reputation and risk, but it opens up new revenue streams and enables reduced costs of operation.”

Manufacturing in India
SKF India has reduced the CO2 emissions related to its manufacturing operations by nearly 1800 tonnes in less than a year at the same time as achieving annualized savings of nearly SEK 9 million. At one of the sites, the CO2 emissions have been reduced by more than 90%. This has been achieved through energy conservation projects, switching to biomass and hydropower as well as installing solar PV cells on the factory roof.  Further reductions will be achieved later this year when SKF’s factory in Bangalore installs India’s largest rooftop solar plant. Learn more about SKF overall Climate Strategy >>

Customer solution
Last year, SKF launched an energy efficient high speed permanent magnet motor solution for use in wastewater facilities, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. In wastewater facilities, the aeration blower system can demand as much as 80 percent of the plant’s total energy consumption, so the SKF solution can achieve huge energy savings. When used in a 350 kW blower, it may result in annual savings of 500,000 kWh, which equals a 375-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions. Learn more about the solution >>

About SKF’s partnership with WWF
The WWF Climate Savers is a global leadership platform transforming business and industry by finding companies who are prepared  to take the lead on climate and energy solutions. Learn more about WWF Climate Savers >>

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