SKF Sverige and Göteborg Energi in partnership for sustainable industry

2009 November 24, 17:00 CET

SKF has an absolute target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent each year, irrespective of its production volume.

Large amounts of energy are required to run the production plant in Gothenburg. In an ambitious energy saving programme, a range of measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce the effect on the climate.

Examples of these measures are the recycling of heat from the heat treatment plant to heat up the factory, energy efficient lighting, the training of staff in energy issues and the efficient use of compressed air.

Despite an increase of 25 percent in production volume from 2005 to 2008, electricity usage for production in the same period went down by approximately 8 percent. This is equivalent to one year's power consumption for around 500 private houses.

Now, SKF in Gothenburg is taking the next step in its work to reduce its effect on the climate in the immediate surroundings and is starting a partnership with Göteborg Energi (the local power supplier) to proceed further with its efforts towards sustainable industry in Gothenburg.

The partnership covers three areas:

  • Climate-friendly types of energy for the production in Gothenburg in the form of district heating, biogas, district cooling and electricity from wind power.
  • Cooperation in the development of the operation and maintenance of energy production in Gothenburg.
  • Carrying out research and development in Gothenburg in the field of wind power technology to create the opportunities for knowledge sharing in the Gothenburg region.

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