Sample body content

This is some sample body content, located in a Catalogue text component, that is intended for use in sample pages.

You should never publish this component, or the sample pages, to the LIVE server.

Purpose of sample pages

The purpose of a sample page is to provide an example of the common components that are to be included in all of the pages in or under a particular structure group.

Tridion does not provide the functionality to enable Tridion Pages to be pre-populated with components.

Because of this, for web pages that share common content, in the corresponding Tridion Pages you must specify all of the shared components that each contains.

Often there may be three or more shared components in a page, so specifying these when creating a lot of new pages involves a lot of duplicated work and a lot of time.

To attempt to shorten the time involved in creating new web pages that contain common content, we have created an experimental workaround.

Description of the workaround

The workaround involves “sample pages”. Each sample page is a Tridion Page that contains the shared components for Pages within the folders and sub-folders of a specific Tridion Structure Group.

To create a new Page within one of those folders or sub-folders, you simply copy relevant sample page to the relevant folder and edit it.
Each sample page contains the relevant shared components, so you do not have to add these yourself.

Each sample page also contains a sample Catalogue text component. You should remove this component from the sample page and replace it with the relevant alternative(s). You should also add any other components/widgets necessary for the particular Page you are creating.

Location of the sample pages

For this experiment, we have created 12 sample pages. A sample page is located in a sub-folder named “_Common Components Sample Pages”, in each of the following Structure groups, at the “500 SKF Master (EN-GB)” level:
  •     010 Bearings, units and housings
  •     020 Seals
  •     030 Lubrication solutions
  •     040 Linear motion
  •     050 Actuation systems
  •     060 Magnetic systems
  •     070 Maintenance products
  •     080 Condition monitoring
  •     090 Power transmission products
  •     110 Coupling systems
  •     120 Test and measuring equipment
  •     130 Vehicle aftermarket

The sample pages are named as follows and have been published to staging:
  •     Common Components for: Bearings, units and housings
  •     Common Components for: Seals
  •     Common Components for: Lubrications solutions
  •     Common Components for: Linear motion
  •     etc.

The sample pages have been published to staging. You can see them at the following URLs:

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