SKF ConCentra Y-bearings

SKF ConCentra Y-bearings have an inner ring symmetrically extended on both sides (fig. 1). The patented SKF ConCentra locking technology is based on the expansion and contraction of two mating surfaces: the bearing bore and the external surface of the stepped sleeve. Both surfaces have precision-engineered serrations. When the grub screws in the mounting collar are tightened, the inner ring is displaced axially, relative to the stepped sleeve (fig. 2 and fig. 3). This forces the bearing inner ring to expand and the stepped sleeve to contract evenly, providing a true concentric fit on the shaft. SKF ConCentra Y-bearings provide an easy, quick and reliable way to lock a bearing onto a shaft.
The true concentric fit on the shaft provides low noise and vibration levels and virtually eliminates fretting corrosion. Even more important is that the fit on the shaft does not loosen, even in applications where there are heavy loads and/or high speeds. The shaft tolerance does not limit the permissible bearing speed and the full limiting speed can be achieved, even when using commercial grade shafts. The bearings can be used in applications for both constant and alternating direction of rotation.
SKF ConCentra Y-bearings, series designation YSP 2, are equipped with a rugged standard seal on both sides, fitted with additional plain sheet steel flingers (→ Standard seals with additional flingers). The outer ring has two lubrication holes as standard, one on each side, positioned 120° apart. Bearings without lubrication holes can be supplied on request (designation suffix W).
SKF Y-bearings in the YSP 2 series are available for metric shafts from 25 to 60 mm and for inch shafts from 1 to 2 11/16 inches.
For demanding operating conditions that occur in agricultural applications like combines and balers, harvesters and disk harrows, SKF has designed Y-bearings in the YSPAG 2 series. These bearings are fitted with a patented 5-lip seal and do not have any lubrication holes in the outer ring. SKF YSPAG 2 series bearings are available for metric shafts from 25 to 50 mm and for inch shafts from 1 to 1 15/16 inches.
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