Y-bearings and Y-bearing units for high temperature applications

Except for the cage and seals, SKF Y-bearings (insert bearings) for high temperatures correspond in design to standard Y-bearings with grub screws in the YAR 2-2F series. The bearings have a shield and a flinger on both sides to prevent the ingress of solid contaminants into the bearing. The radial internal clearance is a multiple of C5 to prevent the bearings from seizing, even when they cool rapidly.
The entire surface of the bearing and the shields and flingers are manganese phosphated to enhance adhesion of the lubricant to the metal, thus improving the running-in properties of the bearing.
The benefits and features of high temperature Y-bearings and Y-bearing units (fig. 1) include:
  1. no need for relubrication - the bearings are lubricated with graphite-based high temperature lubricants and, as such, are lubricated for the life of the bearing
  2. simple replacement - the boundary dimensions are the same as those of standard bearings and units
  3. operating temperature up to 350 °C (660 °F) - the internal radial clearance and the lubricant are optimized for operation at high temperatures
  4. simple mounting and dismounting - the grub (set) screws in the inner ring make mounting/dismounting easy
  5. protection against contamination - shields and flingers (designation suffix 2F) protect the bearing
  6. improved running in - the entire bearing surface is manganese phosphate coated
  7. no colour flaking - the housing is coated with a high temperature resistant coating
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