Minimum load
Refer to Minimum load of standard bearings.

When compared to a bearing with steel rolling elements, hybrid bearings are less sensitive to skidding and smearing damage that occurs in lightly loaded applications, even if light loads are only a small part of a variable load cycle.
bearing loads

Identical to standard bearings (→ Equivalent dynamic bearing load and Equivalent static bearing load)


dm=bearing mean diameter [mm]
= 0,5 (d + D)
e=limiting value (table 1)
Fa=axial load [kN]
Fr=radial load [kN]
Frm=minimum radial load [kN]
kr=minimum load factor (→ product table)
n=rotational speed [r/min]
reference speed [r/min] (→ product table)
P=equivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
P0=equivalent static bearing load [kN]
Y=axial load factor (table 1)
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