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The basic information required to calculate and design a bearing arrangement can be found in relevant sections of this website. But there are applications where it is desirable to predict the expected bearing life as accurately as possible, either because sufficient experience with similar bearing arrangements is lacking, or because economy and/or operational reliability are of extreme importance. In these cases, for example, it is advisable to consult SKF Engineering Consultancy Services. They provide calculations and simulations utilizing high-tech computer programs, in combination with one hundred years of accumulated experience in the field of rotating machine components.
They can provide support with the complete SKF application know-how. The SKF application engineering specialists can support with the following services:
  • analyse the technical problems
  • suggest the appropriate system solutions
  • select the appropriate lubricant and lubrication method and an optimized maintenance programme.
SKF Engineering Consultancy Services provides a new approach to services concerning machines and installations for OEMs and end users. Some of these service benefits are:
  • faster development processes and reduced time to market
  • reduced implementation costs by virtual testing before production starts
  • improved bearing arrangement by reducing noise and vibration levels
  • higher power density by upgrading
  • extended service life by improving the lubrication or sealing system

Advanced computer programs

Within the SKF Engineering Consultancy Services, there are highly advanced computer programs which can be used for the following:
  • analytical modelling of complete bearing arrangements, consisting of shaft, housing, gears, couplings, etc.
  • static analysis to determine the elastic deformations and stresses in components of mechanical systems
  • dynamic analysis to determine the vibration behaviour of systems under working conditions (“virtual testing”)
  • visual and animated presentation of structural and component deflection
  • optimizing system costs, service life, vibration and noise levels
The standard computer programs used within the SKF Engineering Consultancy Services for calculations and simulations are described briefly in SKF calculation tools.
For additional information about the SKF Engineering Consultancy Services, contact your local SKF representative.
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