SKF Microlog analyzer - CMXA 51-IS (ATEX intrinsically safe)

SKF Microlog CMXA 51-IS
The intrinsically safe SKF Microlog analyzer CMXA 51-IS is a rugged and portable, handheld instrument that allows for the collection of vibration, process and dynamic data in hazardous environments.

With ATEX Zone 0 certification, the SKF Microlog CMXA 51-IS is ideal for proactive maintenance programmes within petrochemical, oil and gas facilities, water treatment or pharmaceutical plants, or any plant where potentially explosive atmospheres prevent the use of all but the most highly certified electronic instrumentation.

SKF @ptitude Analyst compatible

The SKF Microlog analyzer CMXA 51-IS is compatible with SKF @ptitude Analyst 7.x or later software. SKF @ptitude Analyst is a component of the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data from a wide range of SKF portable and on-line data acquisition devices.

SKF Microlog accessories

Many SKF Microlog accessories are available to further enhance your condition monitoring programme. Check out the SKF Microlog Accessories Catalogue to view the various accessories that can complement your SKF Microlog.
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