CMPT CTU system

24/7 fault detection monitoring

With the CMPT CTU on-line monitoring system, you can connect up to 64 distributed CMPT CTU units to one operating terminal (CMPT HMI,

Enhance CTU capability with a lubrication control system

You can use the SKF ST-1240 microprocessor-based control centre (

Lubrication centre display

The lubrication centre is used for:
  • Displaying temperature and processed vibration signals
  • Setting alarm limits
  • Alarming (visual and relays)
  • Displaying vibration and temperature trends

Each CTU has individual status and setting display pages. The vibration and temperature measurements are saved in the memory of the lubrication centre for trending, where you can display a daily or monthly graph for vibration and temperature.


The CMPT CTU kits are fault detection systems made for general applications, such as fans, pumps, gearboxes and electric motors. The system is based on the fault detection unit (CMPT CTU) and the alarm and display module (CMPT DCL). The standard enclosure is made of polycarbonate with a window for a clear view of components. It also comes with a power supply for CMPT CTU and CMPT DCL units.
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