Transmitter based systems

SKF offers transmitter based systems that offer low cost continuous monitoring and protection. Such systems include machine condition transmitters (MCT), loop-powered vibration transmitters, systems for the Mining/Mineral industry, and custom condition monitoring products.

Maximize machine utilization

MCTs deliver added value to essential production equipment by providing vital information on bearing performance that helps maximize potential machine utilization. The loop-powered vibration transmitters continuously monitor machinery health and transmit directly into a PLC or DCS for trending, alarm and machine shutdown.

Endure harsh conditions

SKF has also developed a special product range that will endure the harsh conditions within the Mining, Mineral Processing and/or Cement industry. These systems for the Mining/Mineral industry use the latest vibration and temperature measurement techniques to monitor equipment and detect faults.

Customized products

SKF can also help with the design and manufacture of custom products, such as low channel count monitors, special displays, custom switch boxes, enclosures for transmitters or other devices, and more.

Transmitter based systems

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