Electrically operated change-over valve


The electrically operated EMU 3 change-over valve is designed for use with dual-line systems. It is particularly suitable for extended dual-line systems in combination with pneumatically operated supply pumps with large flow rates.

Features and benefits:

  • Features mid position with option to relieve both main lines toward the pump reservoir during pause time
  • System components are pressurized for shorter time periods and have a longer service life
  • Risk of bleeding (soap and oil separation) is reduced
  • Large connection thread and line distance allow larger tube diameters up to 30 mm (11/4 in)
  • Applications
    The EMU 3 change-over valve can be used in the metals industry.
    • Continuous casting machines in steel industry
    • Bottle filling machines in food and beverage plants with a few thousand lubrication points
    • Large bucket wheel excavators in mining and basic materials industry
  • Technical features
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