SKF EasyRail Track

Legend - system description
(1) Piston pump with reservoir
(2) Valve block
(3) Control unit with curve sensor 
(4) Spray nozzle
(5) Lubricant control valve

Centralized lubrication systems for railhead conditioning

Additionally to the wheel flange lubrication product line SKF Lubrication Systems has developed a system that actively reduces curve squealing by applying a friction modifier.

SKF EasyRail Track is designed as an on-board system and can be operated and maintained as easy as SKF EasyRail wheel flange lubrication systems. Specially developed friction modifiers are applied by SKF EasyRail Track systems on the railhead to minimize noise emissions in narrow inner-city curves or residential areas to address increased demand for noise mitigation.

The spray nozzles are specifically mounted on the vehicle to supply the friction modifier to the top of the rail. The pump feeds the lubricant via the grease control valve from where the lubricant is directed to the spray nozzles for lubricant application. The lubricant is metered inside the spray nozzles in volumes typically 0,03 or 0,05 cm³/spray and sprayed onto the railhead with a air system pressure of up to 10 bars. The high lubricant system pressure enables operations with specifically developed friction modifier containing a very high percentage of solid additives. The system can be customized for bi-directional operations.


SKF EasyRail Track can be operated more cost-efficient and reliable than wayside lubricators. Equipped on vehicles in daily revenue service it can effectively replace special purpose vehicles used for lubricating the network only.

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