PRG with crossed roller assemblies
LWR / LWRE series

Precision rail guides with crossed roller assemblies are the most common in industry. They provide high load ratings and good rigidity behaviour. When the external load is moderate or plastic cages are not suitable, then the LWR series with its aluminium cage LWAL (fig.1) and crossed rollers is the right choice. If the external load is higher but the available envelope remains the same, the LWRE series with high capacity crossed roller assemblies (fig.2) are preferred. The advantage of LWRE is achieved by larger roller diameters in conjunction with optimized internal geometry.
With the same cross-section, the high capacity LWRE rail guides offer the advantages of fivefold load ratings and a doubling of the rigidity. This results in increased static safety and lifetime. Alternatively, for the same load capacity, remarkable downsizing is possible (example see (fig.3)) For the whole product range, technical data or mounting instructions, please have a look to the Precision rail guide catalogue.
Anti-creeping systems for LWRE series
"Cage-creeping” means that the cage moves out of its intended position. This can cause a reduction of stroke and lower load rating. Typically this effect occurs as a result of high acceleration, uneven load distribution or vertical mounting. Fact is, even under optimized conditions cage-creeping can not be avoided. SKF has solved this problem by offering two highly sophisticated Anti-Creeping Systems for the LWRE series. The original anti-creeping system ACS (fig 4), available for every rail length and the anti-creeping system ACSM (fig 5) with an involute-toothed control gear made of brass. ACSM is available for highly dynamic applications with a maximum rail length of 400 mm.
Technical data
RangeSize 3, 6, 9, 12
Size 3, 4, 6, 9
Speed2 m/s 2 m/s
Acceleration25 m/s2160 m/s2
(with ACSM)
Parallelismdown to 2 µm  / 100 mm rail
Operating temperature-30 to +120 °C
(without wipers)
-30 to +80 °C
Dynamic load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 30000 N *up to 78000 N *
C0 10
Static load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 30500 N *up to 78000 N *
* adjustable to application demands

Typical applications

  • Factory automation
  • Medical, e.g. patient bed
  • Production machines for electronics and semiconductors, e.g. bonder

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