New packaging design

SKF introduces new packaging design for vehicle aftermarket products

We would like to introduce to you our new packaging design for vehicle aftermarket products that will reach European customers in April before being rolled out into all markets around the world later this year.

What do the design elements mean?

We are proud of our longstanding history, and we are excited that our new packaging design reflects this with graphic elements that pay tribute to our technical background and our areas of expertise.

The zoomed in detail of a bearing and the classic pattern of a technical drawing represent our engineering tradition and dedication to providing the highest quality. We also have incorporated the year when SKF was founded (1907), as well as our bearing life formula and the rolling frictional moment formula that inaugurated a breakthrough in rolling equipment and are the industry standard still today.

bearing life formula

Formula for calculating bearing life –calculating with 90% reliability the assumed life of a bearing indicated in million revolutions. It is widely used to predict the life-span of a bearing.

Friction moment formula

Formula for calculating the friction moment – a quite complex formula that is applied by the SKF bearing calculator tool to secure that the bearing is fit for purpose in the customers’ application (OE).

The packaging also features a “Quick Response” (QR) code that enables customers to easily access technical product information, fitting instructions, videos and other relevant material that help them use the products in the most efficient and effective way. QR codes can be scanned with smartphones and function as a gateway to specific online content.


The packaging design was developed based on extensive analysis and feedback from distribution partners and garages around the world to ensure usability and brand recognition.

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