Suspension products

SKF solutions optimized for various road conditions help improve vehicle ride and handling.
Top mount kit
  • To increase car safety, make steering easier and save time and money for your customers, replace the top mounts when changing the shock absorber.
  • SKF top mount kits are supplied in twin packs. They include all the components for the right and left side as well as for the front and rear axles of the vehicle, including rubber mounts and nuts and bolts when required.
Suspension repair kit
A cost efficient and professional repair implies the replacement of the suspension leg components. The SKF kit includes all the necessary top mount components as well as the auxiliary spring bumper and the dust cover - all in one blue box.
Suspension arm kit

SKF rear suspension kit features a suspension arm designed to provide:

  • better rear axle handling
  • higher stability in turns
  • reduced braking distances.
Strut protection kit
  • Kit contains dust cover and bump stop/auxiliary spring
  • OE specification
  • Manufactured from specially developed polyurethane
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