Tools and lubrication products

Fitting tools, bearing grease and anti-fret paste

To help provide reliable and quality operating conditions and optimal product performance, SKF offers a range of fitting tools, high quality bearing grease and anti-fretting paste.

Discover the SKF tools and lubrication products
Engine timing tools

VKN 1000 – VKN 1009

  • Engine tool to maintain camshaft/crankshaft synchronization and carry out timing system repairs
  • Each tool kit includes a QR code to download fitting instructions with step–by-step guidelines
Stretchy belt tool
With the right tools, you can get the best performance out of your SKF products. By locking on to the pulley, SKF stretchy belt fitting tool - VKN 300 - makes "stretching the belt to fit" much easier – and therefore, the repair gets easier and faster!
This tool covers most of the car applications equipped with a stretchy belt: no need to purchase a tool every time thanks to our unique, reusable tool - the only one you'll need.
Freewheel alternator pulley tools
While the quality of a product is essential, other factors such as installation methods and tools have a significant impact on its lifespan. With the right tools, you can get the best performance out of your SKF products. This is why SKF offers 2 toolset kits (VKN 350 and VKN 351) to dismount and mount the freewheel alternator pulleys properly. These kits cover 100% of the freewheel alternator pulleys available in the marketplace.
Driveline clamp tools
Tightening tool VKN 400
Special pliers tool VKN 401

VKN 400
Boot tool for tightening and cutting universal clamps accurately and evenly•  Professional alternative to standard scissors/cutters

VKN 401
Tightening tool for pinching ear clamps accurately

Boot expander tool
  • Pneumatic expander tool to fit universal boots (CVJ up to 115 mm) without dismounting the CV-Joint or removing the driveshaft from the car (in most cases)
  • No physical effort required to expand the boot
Wheel bearing (dis)mounting tools

VKN 600

  • Wheel bearing tool for easy and fast mounting of HBU 2.1 (com-pact) bearings of all sizes
  • No need to remove the ABS sen-sor or the knuckle from the car
  • Applies pressure at the right area (outer ring), avoiding damage of sensitive components 

VKN 601

  • Wheel bearing tool for simple and quick dismounting of HBU 2.1 bearings of all sizes
  • Future extensions will make the tool also usable for three- and four-bolted HBU 2 and HBU 3 bearings

VKN 602-1

  • Extension to wheel bearing tool kits above
  • 3 kg low weight hydraulic cylinder for even easier mounting and dismounting (18 kg pressing and pulling capability)
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