SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite

The SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite forms the basis for a completely integrated approach to condition monitoring, enabling fast, efficient and reliable storage, manipulation and retrieval of large amounts of complex machine and plant information.

SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite provides a common information platform to link operations and maintenance teams while facilitating process data analysis. SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite displays trend plots to identify small process changes not yet in alarm, but possibly heading toward a problem situation.
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst provides fast, efficient and reliable storage, analysis, and retrieval of complex asset information. It is scalable to a user’s specific needs, including operator inspection rounds, on-line and periodic condition monitoring data collection, and in-depth vibration analysis and expert advice.
  • SKF @ptitude Inspector is specifically targeted for operator driven reliability programme use. Combined with the SKF Microlog Inspector, it enables operations personnel to make their rounds, collecting machine condition, inspection and process data easily and efficiently in a palm-sized unit.
  • SKF @ptitude Observer’s easy-to-use operator interface and intelligent diagnostics functions provide users of all levels the tools they needed to run effective on-line monitoring programmes in Wind and Rail applications.

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