Diesel Engine Cylinder Lubrication System

Reduce operational costs and environmental impact

SKF cylinder lubrication systems for 2-stroke engines operate load-dependently. In 2-stroke engines, lubricant feed to the respective lubrication point (quill) is synchronized to piston positioning either mechanically (System CLU3) or electro-hydraulically (System CLU4).

The lubrication system lowers operational costs due to reduction of lubricant requirement by up to 30%. At the same time reduction of emission values causes less harm to the environment.

Advantages of the SKF cylinder lubrication system (CLU4)

  • Adaptable for all 2-stroke crosshead engines with performance range from 600 to 7000 kW/cylinder each with 3 to 12 quills
  • Servicing during operation (redundancy not a requirement)
  • Already available for Common Rail Technology
  • Simple, compact system design without the use of heating or additional equipment such as oil tank or fill level switch
  • Mechanically set metering volumes and integrated lock valve functions prevent improper system operation
  • Low installation costs
  • Automated determination of the optimum metering time in each case using electronic control and oil consumption measurement for each engine or individual cylinder
  • More compact and economical design
  • Actual recommended cylinder lubrication  technology for engine newbuilds
  • The engine maker specifies more frequent lube pulses with smaller dosing quantities
  • This concept allows a further reduction of the specific oil feed rate
  • Quick return of investment (ROI)
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