Total loss lubrication systems

Providing precisely measured lubricant when its needed

In total loss lubrication systems, lubrication points are always supplied with fresh lubricant at specific intervals (time or machine cycle-dependent) during the lubricating cycle. In grease lubrication systems, the lubricant is grease or fluid grease. In oil lubrication systems, oil is fed to the lubrication points.

The quantity of lubricant supplied is rated so that the lubrication points are provided with the amount required for the build-up of a continuous adequate film of lubricant. Over time, aging, evaporation, bleeding and leaks all contribute to a partial depletion of the lubricant at the lubrication point.

Total loss lubrication systems are classified on the basis of single-line, progressive, dual-line, multiline, restrictor and lubricant+air lubrication systems. Minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) is a special form of total loss lubrication.
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