Pourable epoxy resins

Fill irregularities, mount tanks and protect shafts

SKF pourable epoxy resins are particularly useful in filling up irregularities. SKF also provides epoxy resins for mounting tanks as well as a corrosion protective coating for shafts.

Epocast 36®

Epocast 36® is an epoxy resin chock for mounting main and auxiliary engines, gear boxes, steering gears, thrust bearings, stern tubes, etc. Its main benefits are the ability to fill any reasonable irregularity in the chocking interface and to reduce noise and vibration.

Epocast 36-P

Epocast 36-P is a trowelable two-component epoxy paste specifically developed for installation of LNG/LPG tanks, chemical tanks and containment systems. Unlike the standard Epocast, it can be used in applications where a freely floating resin is not practical.


Celloflex-M is a corrosion damage protective coating for stern tubes, propeller shafts and couplings. Celloflex-M can be applied when shafts are coupled and no special turning is necessary.
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