SKF LubriLean minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems

Increase machine tool productivity and service life

SKF LubriLean minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems for machining processes can help reduce overall production time by up to 30% and significantly increase tool life. In addition, SKF MQL solutions contribute to a more precise cutting process, better surface quality and a more environmentally friendly workplace.

SKF LubriLean MQL systems utilize an aerosol, oil droplets that are finely dispersed in an air stream, to provide lubrication between the tool and work piece on production line operations. Precise minimal quantities of lubricant are delivered directly to the cutting unit.

The quantity of lubricant is generally significantly below 50 ml/h, depending on the cutting method, the material to be cut, and the selected machine settings. Because the quantity of lubricant is so low, work pieces and swarf remain practically dry, thus making filter and preparation systems for cooling lubricants unnecessary and significantly reducing costs.

For the environment, this means no pollution by cooling lubricants, lower energy use and CO2 emissions, compared to cooling lubricants, and less contamination of ambient air.
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