On-site machining

Correct alignment issues with SKF expertise and equipment

With alignment problems, on-site machining is often the ideal solution. Not only is it convenient, but it's often unavoidable with equipment that's too large or time-consuming to move.

SKF has extensive experience with machining on new installations as well as performing challenging repairs around the globe.

Milling and grinding

SKF performs on-site milling and grinding of any foundation, for new build and repair jobs, separately or in combination with alignment solutions.

Flange facing

SKF has both the knowledge and the equipment to prepare or repair flange faces in order to optimize the quality of the seal.

Line boring

Beyond simply measuring line bore misalignment, SKF can solve the problem by machining line bores of various installations.


SKF can drill up to 100 mm (4 in.) for bolt holes and more.
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