Flexible shaft couplings (Gear, disc and elastic)

Solutions for every kind of application

Gear couplings are torsionally rigid and are supplied to two designs – completely flexible and flexible/rigid.

Flexible couplings

A completely flexible coupling comprises two hubs with an external gear and two outer sleeves with an internal gear. It's a universal coupling for many applications and accommodates all possible misalignments (angular, offset and combined) as well as large axial moments.

Machines, bearings, seals, and shafts are therefore not subjected to the additional forces, sometimes of considerable magnitude, which arise from unavoidable misalignment usually associated with rigid shaft couplings.

Flexible/rigid couplings

A flexible/rigid coupling comprises one flexible geared half and one rigid half. It does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts but does accommodate angular misalignment. This type of couplings are primarily used for "floating shaft" applications.
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