SKF SONL housings

Designed for bearings operating at high speeds and high temperatures, oil-lubricated SKF SONL plummer block housings offer a reliable, flexible solution for fans, flywheels, emergency power installations and more. Advantages include:
  • Effective seals - Extremely tight seals keep the oil in and dirt out of the housings.
  • Superior bearing lubrication - The housing's deep reservoir holds a large volume of oil that enables low oil temperatures and long service intervals. Cooling elements also are available to help control the oil bath temperature. An inside oil pick-up ring provides an active flow in the housing, while oil level marks in the housing and an oil level gauge maintain the correct oil level. A magnetic plug attracts metal particles that might reduce bearing life.
  • Easy mounting - SKF SONL housings have a reduced number of components. The housings are easy to align. The cap bolts between the housing halves are delivered “finger-tight” for easy removal. An eyebolt in the cap eases handling.

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