SKF DryLube Bearings

Alternative to centralized lubrication systems in high temperature applications

The lack of cooling - due to process requirements - creates a high temperature environment which combined with the very low speed put a severe challenge on the lubrication system. Operating at full efficiency, centralized lubrication systems still consume large amounts of lubricant to compensate for heat-induced grease degradation. Excess grease can accumulate outside the bearing housing thereby increasing the risk of fire. But reducing the grease supply can lead to bearing failures, resulting in break-outs, more machine damage and lost productivity. 

Engineered graphite solution delivers grease-free lubrication

Featuring an engineered graphite mixture that fills the empty space inside the bearing, the SKF DryLube Bearings solution eliminates the need for relubrication. Designed to handle temperatures up to 250 °C, SKF DryLube Bearings provide the following benefits:
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced total operating costs
Typical applications
  • Rolls in bloom and billet mills using dry casting
  • Cooling and roll out tables for all caster types
  • Guide rolls in bar mills
  • Reheating furnace rolls
  • Roller tables in hot rolling mills
  • Sinter machine wheels

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