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  • 2018 March 05, 13:00 CET

    SKF Annual Report 2017 published

    Gothenburg, 5 March 2018: AB SKF has now published its Annual Report 2017. The report focuses on how SKF creates value for customers,...

  • 2018 March 05, 09:00 CEST

    Centre of pressure

    Gothenburg, 5 March 2018: The piston seal lies right at the heart of hydraulic cylinder performance. Located in a groove on the outer...

  • 2018 February 26, 10:00 CET

    SKF to make debut appearance at Shippax 2018

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 26 February 2018: SKF plans its first appearance at the annual Shippax Ferry Shipping conference, which this year takes...

  • 2018 February 21, 10:00 CEST

    First underwater stabilizer fin replacement keeps luxury cruise liner on schedule

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 21 February 2018: The global cruise industry is riding a wave of popularity. Passenger numbers are forecast to pass the...

  • 2018 February 15, 08:00 CET

    Notice of Annual General Meeting

    Gothenburg, 15 February 2018: Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Aktiebolaget SKF will be held at SKF Kristinedal,...

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