Sustainability reporting

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Environmental performance reporting started more than 15 years ago

Our commitment to environmental was made clear when we issued our first environmental policy in 1989. We were among the trend-setters to publish a separate environmental report as early as in 1994.

To ensure transparency and credibility of our reporting, already in 1998 SKF submitted its Environmental Report for external verification.

We were also very early in adopting the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, issued by the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) in 2000, the same year the Guidelines were launched.

From environmental reports to sustainability reports

We recognized that for companies to sustain its success in the industry, it must act in environmentally and socially responsible manner while growing its business economically. Hence, it is sensible to include our social and economic performance in the Environmental Report in 2001, which then became Sustainability Report.

Subsequently in 2002, we integrated the Sustainability Report into the Annual Report, to emphasize that sustainability issues are embedded in SKF's operations.

Topics related to our sustainability reporting:

  • GRI
    SKF, an early adopter of the GRI

    Since 2000, SKF has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) reporting guidelines in its sustainability reporting.

    We apply the GRI reporting principles for defining content. In line with the Guideline's requirement on materiality, all reporting indicators have been carefully evaluated and those that are considered of significant materiality in relation to our economic, environmental and social impact, as well as our sustainability performance, are included in our Annual Report - and topics related to annual report.

    In relation to the principle of stakeholder inclusiveness we engage our stakeholders in different ways, taking their opinions into considerations, and catering to their information needs in the Annual Report.

    GRI G4 in our latest sustainability reporting

    Our latest sustainability performance disclosures are fully integrated in SKF Annual Report 2014 - Financial, Environmental and Social performance and is based on the GRI G4 Guidelines. With reference to the G4 Application Level Criteria, the report is prepared 'in accordance - core', which is confirmed by external auditors.
  • Third-party verification
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