SED plummer block housings

SED plummer block housing
SED plummer block housing
SED plummer block housings are symmetrical, split housings and they consist of a housing body and two split covers. The range consist of six housing bodies and each body can accommodate different bearings depending on the cover used and the bearing seat width. The matching cover is also for either shaft ends or through shafts. The housing can be used for located or non-located bearing arrangements.
SED housings include a multi-seal which works for both grease and oil lubrication. The oil lubricated variant only requires oil inlet- and oil outlet- holes in the cover.

Features and benefits

SED plummer block housings have the following features and benefits:

Stiff housing

Fig. 1 Stiff housing
Fig. 1
SED housings are as standard made of spherical graphite cast iron and the housing is reinforced with ribs and extra material surrounding the holes for the attachment bolts and a rib on the cap (fig 1) to give a stiff housing and to minimize the total weight.

Easy mounting

Fig. 2 Easy mouning
Fig. 2
Four Superbolts are used to hold cap and base together (fig 2). Each Superbolt consists of 10 to 14 M16 bolts making it possible for one operator to mount with a torque wrench. Superbolts Ultrabolts, when applied properly (usually as through-bolts) are the strongest fasteners available.

Machined base ends

Fig. 3 Machined base ends
Fig. 3
SED housings have machined base ends to make alignment easier and to provide good contact with the stops, used to accommodate loads parallel to the support surface (fig. 3).

Easy handling

Easy handling
Fig. 4
All separate parts of the SED housings are prepared for lifting and therefore easy to handle. As example SED housings have integrated eye-bolts in the housings cap (fig. 4).

Condition Monitoring

Fig. 5 Condition monitoring
Fig. 5
SED housings are equipped with wireless condition monitoring node CMWA 8800 as standard (fig. 5). The sensors are measuring velocity, acceleration enveloping and temperature, and automatically  forms or join a network of sensores.

Improved paint and corrosive protection

SED plummer block housings are painted graphite grey with a water based paint. The paint protects the housing in accordance with ISO 12944-2, corrosivity category C3 (i.e. exterior atmospheres with moderate level of pollution or coastal areas with low salinity, interior atmospheres with high humidity and some air pollution).


Fig. 6 Multi-seal
Fig. 6
SED plummer block housings are supplied as standard with a multi-seal (fig. 6), which consists of an integrated labyrinth seal combined with a radial seal which works for both grease and oil lubrication. The labyrinth seal is integrated in the cover and consist of a labyrinth ring with three steps arranged radially in combination with a radial seal mounted on the outside of the cover. An O-ring holds the labyrinth ring in place on the shaft. The seal are designed to be relubricated via a grease fitting in the seal. Seals are supplied with the housing.

Prepared for relubrication

Fig. 7 Prepared for relubrication
Fig. 7
SED plummer block housings enable relubrication of the incorporated bearing and seals. SED housings have two holes that have been drilled and tapped for a button head grease fitting (fig. 7). The seals should be relubricated via the grease fitting in the seal.
For more information about SED plummer block housings contact SKF application engineering service.
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