Machine condition detector

Intrinsic Safety (IS) rated

SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS

The SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS (MCD Pro IS) is a rugged, handheld analysis tool that captures and displays temperature, velocity and enveloped acceleration (vibration) and alarms. The SKF MCD Pro IS is certified Intrinsically Safe (IS) for use in hazardous environments that require either a Zone I or Class I, Division I rating. The MCD Pro IS collects and displays velocity, acceleration enveloping and temperature data with general alarm capabilities.


  • Multi-parameter measurements
  • Simple machine monitoring
  • Alarm capabilities for enhanced user confidence

Go/No Go machine monitoring
The MCD Pro IS is designed to provide a straightforward approach to machinery monitoring. The instrument’s sensor affixes to a machine point via a SKF MARLIN QuickConnect (MQC) stud or magnetic base for automatic collection of vibration and temperature data. Green, yellow and red LEDs provide easy to interpret indications of machine status, so operations or maintenance personnel can quickly identify the need for more in-depth analysis on a particular machine.

Multi-parameter monitoring capabilities
The MCD Pro IS operates as a stand-alone device or as an integral component of the complete SKF MARLIN System. By pairing the MCD Pro IS with the SKF Microlog Inspector / SKF MARLIN handheld device, important machinery and process information may be stored for trending review. Data can also be transferred with the SKF system from the MCD Pro IS to @ptitude Inspector software for further detailed analysis.

Vibration monitoring
When performing measurements, the MCD Pro IS’s sensor input signal is processed to produce two vibration measurements for each measurement POINT. Velocity vibration identifies phenomena that
are observable in the low to mid frequency range and indicates such structural problems as misalignment, unbalance, mechanical looseness and more. Events that occur in the higher frequency ranges, such as bearing and gear problems, can also be detected by the MCD Pro IS with its “acceleration enveloping” capability, a signal processing technique that focuses on enhancing the repetitious vibration signals that characterize such problems.

Temperature measurements enhance the “early warning” benefit of the instrument by offering a useful indication of mechanical condition or the load applied to a specific component, since as a bearing
or its lubrication fails, friction causes its temperature to rise.

General alarm capabilities
When used as a stand-alone tool, the MCD Pro IS may be easily programmed for six alarm settings, which include the “alert” and “danger” levels for each of the three measurements. When measurements are taken, current measured values are automatically compared to six user-defined settings, and the MCD Pro IS’s alarm indicator and LEDs react appropriately. An “alert” condition provides the user with an early warning of impending problemsfor which immediate in-depth analysis should be performed. A “danger” alarm indicates that a problem has escalated to a point where actions must be made quickly to avoid a serious failure. When used with the SKF Microlog Inspector / SKF MARLIN, data is logged for trending and percent change from last measurement and baseline data.

SKF MARLIN QuickConnect studs for quality, repeatable data collection
Specially designed mechanical and computerized studs enable users to collect consistent, accurate and repeatable data from each measurement point. Engineered to work exclusively with the MCD Pro IS, the MQC mechanical and computerized studs provide for a fast, quarter-turn connection that temporarily fastens the probe to a measurement point. This reduces the possibility of errors and inconsistencies often resulting from data collected by using varying methodologies.
Ordering information 
DesignationCMVL 3600-IS-K-01-C
Each CMVL 3600-IS-K-01-C kit consists of the following items: 
- SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS probe
- Temperature magnet probe tip for SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS probe
- AA Alkaline batteries, two each
- SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS setup key
- SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS padded carrying case
- SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS user manual
- SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS quick start card
- Vibration severity card 
Vibration pickupIntegrated piezoelectric acceleration (ceramic, shear type)
Measurement range: 
– Velocity0,3 to 55,0 mm/s (RMS) (0.02 to 3.00 in./s (Eq. Peak)), meets ISO Standard 10861-3
– Enveloped acceleration0,3 to 20,0 gE
– Temperature0 to 100 °C (30 to 210 °F)
Frequency range: 
– Overall velocity10 Hz to 1 kHz (tolerances measured within the frequency range are in accordance with ISO 2954)
– Acceleration enveloping band 3500 Hz to 10 kHz
Main powerTwo 1,5 V alkaline AA batteries
Battery lifetime30 hours
Backup batteryOne 3 V BR1225 Lithium-ion battery
Auto offTwo minute countdown on last operation
User environment 
Operating temperature: 
– Ordinary locations–20 to +60 °C (–5 to +140 °F )
– Hazardous locations–20 to +40 °C (–5 to +105 °F )
Storage temperature–35 to +70 °C (–30 to +160 °F)
Humidity5 to 95% non-condensing
Hazardous area ratings 
Intrinsic Safety (IS): 
– ATEXII1G EEx ia IIC T4 (Ta = –20 to +40 °C (–5 to +105 °F))
– USA, CanadaClass I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D T3A
Physical characteristics 
CaseWater and dust resistant (IP 65)
Drop test1,8 m (6 ft.) on multiple axes
– Length190,5 mm (7.50 in.)
– Width43,2 mm (1.70 in.)
– Dept41,4 mm (1.63 in.)
Weight431 g (0.95 lb.) with battery
 635 g (1.4 lb.) with temperature magnet probe tip
Display viewing area55,0 × 17,8 mm (2.17 × 0.70 in.)
Communications port typeMicro D RS-232
Quick connect interface 
Receptacle1/4 turn, 5/8-24 two lead thread with contact
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