SKF Microlog Analyzer - Beta firmware version 4.0 RC

To download SKF Microlog Analyzer Beta firmware version 4.0 RC:
  1. Download the corresponding firmware file below:
    *Click here to download the Beta firmware for SKF Microlog Analyzer AX models CMXA 48 and CMXA 80 and GX models CMXA 45 and CMXA 75.
  2. Click here to fill out and submit the firmware request form so that we may update our records (and provide a password for the file, if needed).
  3. A license key is required to access all of the modules. For users who wish to test all of the features in version 4.0, forward the SKF Microlog Analyzer's Unit ID to, who will provide an updated license key and instructions. (The Unit ID can be found on the "About" page on the SKF Microlog.)
Note: Your default email program will be used to submit the request form. If your email program does not launch successfully when you submit the form from the link above (#2), please email your name, SKF Microlog Serial Number and Unit ID.

If you are unable to use this online service to download the SKF Microlog Analyzer Beta firmware version 4.0 RC, please contact SKF Technical Support at 1-800-523-7524.

Key features of the Beta firmware

  • Non-route is removed from the route-based SKF Microlog (GX/AX) (Bump Test is also removed as a module), and an updated FFT Analyzer module is included instead. FFT Analyzer includes Bump Test functionality. The FFT Analyzer module data will upload to SKF @ptitude Analyst.
  • Cepstrum analysis and Power Spectrum in the Analyzer module as a view option
  • Defect fixes and enhancement requests
  • Enhancements to the Balancing module
  • New Sensor module
  • MPA in-a-flash supports gE measurements
  • Updates to the User Interface
  • Updates to the System Set Up options
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