Custom condition monitoring products

Custom products

If you have a requirement for something not in the standard product offering, we may be able to help. SKF's custom product partners' ability to design and manufacture custom products or fast prototypes provides solutions to end users and OEMs alike. Our custom product engineers will work with you to prepare a simple specification or user's requirement document. Our designs will meet those specifications or requirements.

Examples of custom products have been low channel count monitors, special displays, custom switch boxes for permanently mounted transducers, enclosures for transmitters or other devices, shaft run-out measurement systems and special cables of all types.

SKF offers a large variety of custom products:
  • Accelerometer mounting accessories and tools
  • Field and demonstration kits
  • Probe (proximity) mounting hardware
  • Instrument and extension cables
  • Vibration, temperature, process and speed sensors
  • Tachometers
  • Custom panels, Wonderware integration and turbine supervisory systems
  • And more...
Condition Monitoring and Custom Products (CMCP) accessories
Condition Monitoring and Custom Products (CMCP)
The extensive CMCP Catalogue contains detailed product specifications and the CMCP product application chart. In this catalogue you will find:

  • Eddy probe accessories
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instruments, extension cables and adapters
  • Field and demonstration kits
  • Vibration and temperature sensors
  • Tachometers / speed sensors / process
  • Cabinets and panels
  • CMCP product application chart
CMCP 500 series of special single channel transmitters/monitors
CMCP 500 series monitor
Any CMCP 500 low cost monitoring system can be equipped with standard machine condition transmitters (MCTs) and/or special CMCP transmitters/monitors. The CMCP 500 series of special transmitters/monitors and low cost monitoring systems, which you can find in the catalogue, include:
  • Displacement transmitter/monitor
  • Differential expansion transmitter/monitor
  • Case expansion transmitter/monitor
  • Valve position transmitter/monitor
  • Isolated RTD temperature transmitter/monitor
  • Isolated thermocouple temperature transmitter/monitor
  • Speed transmitter
  • Process variable transmitter/monitor
  • Eccentricity transmitter/monitor
  • Accessory module
  • Monitor systems/system enclosures
  • Assemblies and displays
  • Complete monitoring systems
  • Software
  • Turbine supervisory instrumentation
Cabinets and panels
Custom CMCP cabinet
SKF has already provided over 100 integrated custom panels and enclosures to customers for use in containing products such as rack mount monitors, monitor interface modules (MIMs), local monitoring units (LMUs), turbine governors and compressor controls.

Products are integrated into Rittal and Hoffman panels or other if required by the customer. Other customer requirements have included pre-wired terminals, power distribution, tagging, ground bars, smoke detectors, temperature detectors and other items. Complete design and drawing packages are available in both AutoCAD and Intergraph. We also provide factory acceptance test (FAT) and customer inspection scheduling at customer request.

For further details, please contact customer service at +1-858-496-3400 (within the US) or 1-800-626-4266 (outside the US), or email at

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