SKF EasyRail Airless

Legend - system description
(1) Reservoir
(2) Flow divider
(3) Control unit with curve sensor 
(4) Pump with spray nozzle

Single-line lubrication system for railway vehicles

Single-line systems SKF EasyRail Airless operate through output of the lubricant via an electromagnetic pump, whereby the lubricants are applied in a defined quantity on the wheel flange without use of compressed air.

Each pump-nozzle unit is equipped with a heating system help to ensure the delivery of lubricant even under challenging weather conditions. According to operational requirements, three different nozzle designs can be offered for installation. Customized solutions are available upon request. A KFG piston pump serves as lubricant reservoir and recirculation unit.

The intelligent control unit is managing effectively the lubrication needs of the operator and reduces the lubricant consumption to a minimum.


SKF EasyRail Airless systems are used on tramway or light rail vehicle systems and metros, where compressed air supply is not available.

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