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E300V2 control cabinet for SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings

SKF is the world leader of magnetic bearing systems for the oil and gas industry with more than 1 000 references. The company manufactures according to ISO 9001, CE, CSA, API and other international standards.

SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings open up new possibilities for machine design. Not having to integrate auxiliary components reduces the footprint and simplifies civil engineering and construction requirements, making installations simpler and less costly. Eliminating bearing friction virtually eliminates maintenance, increasing uptime and reducing operational costs. 

The new E300V2 SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings Control Cabinet  also offer unprecedented remote monitoring, health diagnostic, and service capabilities to help simplify daily operation

Many SKF S2M Magnetic Bearing operate in upstream applications in the world’s most punishing environments, from Middle East deserts, to North Sea platforms, to Siberian fields above the Arctic Circle. The new SKF Upstream magnetic bearing technology enhance the bearings ability to operate directly within harsh acid gas.

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