High speed motors and generators

In a permanent magnet motor or generator, the rotor acts as a compass and is synchronized at variable speed with the rotation of the stator magnetic field and AC currents that counter-react the mechanical torque.

SKF designs its permanent magnet motors and generators for the highest fatigue and peak loads and selects cost efficient magnets with high energy, stable performances versus temperature and  margin versus possibility of accidental demagnetization caused by a short-circuit. The SKF proprietary carbon fiber retainer sleeves make it possible to achieve peripheral speeds over 250 meters per second. SKF provides a complete system including the electric drive (frequency inverter) with sensor less control in order to help ensure full compatibility with the motor or the generator.
The SKF high speed permanent magnet motors and generators match the industrial and commercial applications with focus on robustness, manufacturability. Energy efficiency above 98% and speeds  over 120,000 rpm are achievable, and the application range starts at a few hundred watts with  vacuum turbomolecular pumps up to the megawatt power on large tonnage refrigerant centrifugal compressors.

SKF permanent magnet high speed motors and generators combined with the active magnetic bearings are an all-in-one solution and a perfect match for best energy efficiency, compactness, vibration and noise performances.
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