Horizontal adjustment tool

Achieving a precise and controllable horizontal adjustment

Horizontal adjustment tool TMAH series
Horizontal adjustment tool TMAH series

Using laser shaft alignment equipment usually requires the machine to be repositioned in both the vertical and horizontal planes, to achieve a good alignment result. Typically, the electric motor is easily positioned vertically using precision shims, whilst the horizontal positioning process is typically less controllable and can take quite some time to get good results. The SKF horizontal adjustment tool, TMAH series, helps achieve a precise and controllable horizontal adjustment.

The TMAH uses a special eccentric socket arrangement that enables rotary movement to be translated to linear movement at the motor foot. The result is a precise and controllable horizontal movement of the motor to the desired alignment position.

  • Heavy hammers, pry or crow bars are no longer required to move the motor horizontally, making the adjustment easier and safer.
  • Welded jack-bolt assemblies are no longer required to move each motor foot horizontally. This also eliminates the need to repair the jack-bolts due to rust or corrosion.
  • Quick and easy to fit, operate and remove.
  • Enables accurate horizontal adjustment movements of 25 microns or less, suitable for laser alignment equipment accuracy.
  • Is a complementary product to SKF TMAS machinery alignment shims.
  • Available to suit a wide range of metric bolt head sizes, making it suitable for many different types of electric motors.
  • Virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the motor feet.
SKF TMAH series - Horizontal motor adjustment made easy
Horizontal motor adjustment made easy
Simply rotate the eccentric socket to move the motor. A dial indicator or laser shaft alignment device directly monitors the movement.
Dimensions (metric)
TMAH 13143114–1721–5095131720
TMAH 17204320–2222–55107172421
TMAH 19235224–2622–82137193027
TMAH 24235224–2622–82137243027
TMAH 30357030–3238–134187303639
TMAH 36357030–3238–134187363639
TMAH 46448940–4348–156229464645
Dimensions (imperial)
TMAH 130.551.220.55–0.670.83–1.973.740.510.670.79
TMAH 170.791.690.79–0.870.87–
TMAH 190.902.050.94–1.020.87–3.235.390.751.181.06
TMAH 240.902.050.94–1.020.87–3.235.390.941.181.06
TMAH 301.382.751.18–1.251.50–5.287.361.181.421.53
TMAH 361.382.751.18–1.251.50–5.287.361.421.421.53
TMAH 461.733.501.57–1.691.89-
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